The valleys and peaks of your bone structure

Tracing my index finger around the landscape of your face

Engulfing your features through my fingertip

Faster, faster, faster

you escalate

(I’m thinking of a car chase in an action film)

Sucking, biting, grabbing, pushing and flicking my caressing hand south

You’ll never forget someones tattoo, when it’s right above the crotch

Engaging in a two-person mosh pit on your mattress

The prudish duvet has fled and is hiding in silence on the floor

My heart as quiet and cold as a tube of lube

Your breath too rapid, too loud

With toenails seemingly trying to scratch and mark me as one of you conquests

Above, under, around, slam, slam, dunk,

I could have been a doll, a prostitute, an apple pie

No difference now, whilst you’re brain dead

I fake reaching my final destination to end a pathetic story

You mumble something shallow about my body in your daze

transform into

a chunk of nothing but sleeping existence

Nipples stiff and body uncomfortably numb, I slide onto the leather couch

Your liquids being washed away with the remnants of pre-coital wine

I raise my glass to you

for making me feel even more hollow inside



  1. Jeg leser aldri engelsk, men: dette!!! Herregud, skulle ønske jeg hadde skrevet det selv. Måten du evner å få tekst og handling til å eskalere i takt med hverandre på, seriøst, som leser opplevde jeg å være helt på bølgelengde med teksta fra første til siste setning. Måtte lese den flere ganger. Reiser glasset mitt for deg og denne

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