The REAL you **

Tell me about your slimy gritty self, the constipated tubes inside of you

The thoughts you’ve imprisoned, the feelings you’ve tried to destroy by pouring acid over

The mask underneath the mask you put on every morning

Tell me about the mucous, the dirt underneath your fingernails, The lingering STD’s

Tell me about the time you sort of took advantage of that drunk girl

Tell me about the folder, inside a folder, inside a folder, on your Mac

Tell me about your sparks of racism, egoism, narcissism,

numbness, rage, self-loathing, and violence

Tell me about the times you’ve completely lost yourself,

and how the fuck you found yourself again

Tell me about the nights when rain drizzled and you sat shivering in solitude on a playground swing crying, after huffing spray paint to become popular

Peel off all of your scabs, to show me what lay beneath, trace a finger through the blood, to draw the faces and the people in the stories

Tell me the truth, which resembles a scared little bird in hiding right behind your navel

Tell me everything.