Carefully masking/suppressing our lustful minds

(Bless me father, for I’m about to maybe, possibly, sin)

We’re pretending to be

prudish, calm, restrained

like teenagers who’ve never

had their cherries popped

We’re spooning in bed

carefully masking our

 X-rated lustful minds

You are telling me

you cheated on the girlfriend

you just broke up with

and you say it without a trace of remorse

You’re Shrinking, deflating

Becoming younger, younger, younger

more vulnerable

until you’re just a selfish little boy

oblivious to consequence

in front of the apples of my eyes

My heart bounces to the side of my chest

in pure crystal clear dissapointment

And I want to shake you

and slam your face against my headboard

leaving marks on your cheeks

you’ll remember the next time you want to cheat

but I keep my opinions inside my ribcage

Mentally patting myself on the back

for never becoming yours

(We’ll never be eachothers)



We crawl around

trying to grasp what we are

Your head between my hands

your hands on my back

I kiss you with a vigorous searching tongue

and open eyes

tracing desperately for signs

of love within the

aroused movements

The bed almost fails to carry

all the weight of our bagage

the mystery, the past

you keeping your secrets

your other ladies

 right outside of my reach



We are close to repeating

a dance we’ve danced

countless times before

You ask me if I ever considered

an alternative ending to our story

I didn’t want to answer truthfully :

«I don’t want to face the fact

that our story has reached The End»

And I turn around

end it all mid-dance

and fall unsteadily into sleep



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