Like the 90’s.

We’re sitting on the floor in bean-bags, talking about liquid and powdered and herbal fun. There’s a speaker being forced to play A1, and there’s a tray of jellyshots, absolutely oozing booze, waiting to be devoured. I just colored my hair purple, and you’re telling me about going to a Rave-festival. This could not be more like the 90’s I’m thinking to myself, just as a girl is showing off her pierced tongue to the person next to her. There are interested gazes while sucking on glassbottles, and there are careless smiles, girls smoking ciggies hanging out of the windows, and someone screaming something high-pitched to someone else. There’s the shoulder dance, the nodding dance, and there are people singing along only half-remembering the song. There are saucy selfies being send to current or potential lovers, the white light flashing like unstable Strobe-lights. And in the middle of it all, like we’re in the eye of the storm, you turn to me and say «You know what? I’m in love with my life right now». I smile at you, reply «How fantastic, hon», caress your shoulder, and down half of my beer.


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