A true fairytale about losing my person.

Once upon a time I was dependent on, addicted to, fused by the energy you wired across the space between us, latching on me like a bomb of miniature batteries, instantly causing all my minus-symbols transforming into plusses.


We thought we had all the time in the world and kept on procrastinating the future, slathering our days with breaking boys hearts, getting brokenhearted, spreading the remnants of wine and cigarettes on our floors, and smiling at our parents frowns.

Our unification were to the great envy of others, and we shook our ponytailed hairsprayed heads, at the inconceivable thought of ever not knowing each corner, shade and nuance of eachothers souls.


But, Once upon a time faith lured you into a booby trap, with a bait of turkish delight and whispering promises of love found in another part of the world. And faith’s efforts did not vanish in the quicksand of vain. Oh no. Our united lives faded into nothingness, becoming a dim memory, as my person boarded the plane loaded with all of her belongings, with no means of ever returning.




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